EthiCal Nutrition Services
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EthiCal Nutrition Services is a nutrition consultancy operating from Alice Springs, in the heart of Australia.  

EthiCal Nutrition Services provides a range of nutrition services, including:

  • large scale outdoor participatory catering events and competitions, and
  • broader public health nutrition projects.

In the case of the latter, EthiCal Nutrition Services takes a community development and health-promoting approach to help improve people's access to and utilisation of healthy foods in remote areas of Australia.

Roy Price, Public Health Nutritionist &
Accredited Practising
Alice Springs NT Australia

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For more information, quotes and bookings contact:

Roy Price
EthiCal Nutrition Services
BN 00955413 - ABN 32146439415
PO Box 1326 
Alice Springs NT 0871
Ph 0409695949






  • Nutrition and health education resource development (contact)
  • Men's Nutrition and Health Seminars (contact)


Remote Community Food Supply Advisory Service

Do you live in one of the 1,223 discrete Aboriginal communities in Australia?  If so, are you happy with your food supply?

People living in remote areas of Australia - Aboriginal people, teachers, and health professionals - often have limited access to affordable healthy food.  In general, the supply of fresh fruit and vegetables are very limited and overpriced.  Consequently people are only able to access and utilise one tenth of their fresh fruit and vegetable requirements.

Given that health-developing and protective nutrients in the form of essential vitamins, minerals, fibre, antioxidants, and other important nutrients are, to a large extent, contained within these foods it's no wonder that people living in remote areas, particularly those living in poverty, suffer from nutrition related preventable health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, lung disease and high blood pressure.

EthiCal Nutrition Services is the only independent provider of comprehensive assessment of your community's food supply and advise for improvement without negatively affecting the profitability of your store.  For more information contact Roy Price at EthiCal by email at or call 0409695949.

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